Pre-written Example Topics, Questions & Answers

TopicsQuestionsAnswer - StrugglingAnswer - FrustratedAnswer - Doing WellAnswer - SuccessfulCoach Type
Cash Flow Would you consider yourself comfortable around money issues? I get anxiety talking about money issues in my life.I understand the importance of money.I think I’m comfortable but sometimes don’t know what the next steps are.Money is important and I’m comfortable talking about my current situation and the future.Professional
CultureHow well do you think you keep your employees committed and motivated?I don’t have employees who are committed or motivated.I have tried to motivate my team but whatever I do does not work.I know some of my team are committed and motivated but not the majority.I have an amazing team who are highly committed and motivated.Professional
CultureDo you have clearly defined company values?I don’t understand what company values are.I am struggling to define my company values.I have identified company values but I am unsure what to do next.I have company values in place. Professional
CultureDo you live by the values of the company?No. I don’t have any company values.I try to live by the values, when I remember.I do live by the values some days but I’m not consistent.I do live by the values on a daily basis.Professional
CultureDo you know how to describe your company culture?I don’t think we have a certain culture.Poor. I need to do a lot of work on creating our culture.I am working hard on creating a culture but it's a slow process.I have created a great culture. It is a great place to work.Professional
EffectivenessWould you consider yourself action orientated?I'm overwhelmed by what needs to be done and lack clarity in my actions.I know what's on my To Do list however I never find enough time to complete it.I accomplish my daily tasks but still doing things I don’t enjoy.I'm an action taker with clearly defined goals & I tend to complete my daily activities with the help of a team and systems.Professional
Cash FlowWhat best describes your current cash flow sitution?I'm not earning much from my products or services.I'm not confident in how much I earn every month.My income covers only my costs.My dream lifestyle is funded by my consistent & predictable income.Professional
LeadershipHow do you seize opportunity?I don't act on opportunity for fear of failure.I act on opportunity but tread carefully.I act on opportunity as it's my time to shine.I act on them and really try to think of the bigger picture and long term plan.Professional
LeadershipWould you say you are good at involving others?Not at all. I like to do things my way.I am hesitant as I don’t trust others.I do involve others to some extent but I struggle to delegateI enjoy involving others in what I do and I’m good at praising and rewarding them.Professional
LeadershipWould you say it’s important to see the bigger picture while leading the organisation?Not really. I like to focus on the here and now.Yes. But I don’t always understand why.Yes. Action plans can then be put into place.Definitely, as change is constant and we need to continuously adapt to get the desired results.Professional
EffectivenessHow reliant on you is your business?I get overwhelmed trying to do everything on my own.I'd love some help, but can’t afford it.I’ve started to outsource a few tasks, but sales and delivery is reliant on me.My business is not reliant on me and makes me money when I do little work.Professional
LeadershipAre you an expert in your field?I’m not sure many people know what I do.My clients think I'm an expert but nobody else knows my strengths.A few people follow and trust me and I'm slowly building my authority in my field.I’m an established, recognised expert in my field.Professional
ProgressionDo you have clearly defined goals for your business?I don’t have any business goals.I set my business goals when I started, many years ago however, I have not looked at them since then. I have business goals but unfortunately i find it difficult to achieve them.I have clear business goals and keep communicating them to the team.Professional
Progression/GrowthHow do you feel about personal and professional development?I haven’t invested much time or money in my personal or professional development.I have clarity on the new skills or resources that I need to develop, but I don’t have the time or money to invest myself.I allocate time and money for development but have not prioritised key areas.I enjoy learning and I'm open to new ideas. I have a development plan that is aligned with my purpose & vision.Professional
Progression/StaffingDo you have a clear progression path for employees?There is nowhere to progress to.I don’t have the time or money to train them and progess their career.I have a rough idea of how employees can progress but nothing concrete.I discuss with staff on regular basis their career progression and how the company can help them. Professional
PurposeHow do you feel when you get up in the morning to go to work?I feel stressed about all the work I have to do. I feel like I don't have enough time to do everything.I wonder if it’s worth it some days. I sometime think about getting a job as I don’t seem to be moving forward.I enjoy work but I don’t seem to be able to motivate my team.I ready to start the day. I understand what I’m trying to achieve and so do my team. I can’t wait to get to work.Professional
PurposeDo all employees understand why the company exists?I think they believe it exists only to pay their wages.I think they believe it’s so I can make a profit and take more holidays.Some employees understand why the company exists but not all of them.I continuously communicate to staff the reason why the company exists, it's important.Professional
StaffingHow do you feel about your staff turnover?My turnover is high. Staff never seem to stay long.I have a fairly high turnover. I find recruiting good people difficult.I have an average turnover but I find retaining good people difficult.I have a low turnover. When I recruit good people they stay for several years.Professional
StaffingHow do you feel about the performance of your staff?I find my staff’s performance poor and it worries me as I don't know what to do about it.I find my staff’s performance goes up and down, it's not consistent.I have a few high performers. The majority are average.All my staff are great and I can confidently say they are high performers.Professional
StaffingWould you say your employees go the extra mile without being asked?Never. I always have to ask.Sometimes. I wish they would ask. I have to ask most of the time.I don’t have to ask very often, only occasionally.I never have to ask my staff to give it their all.Professional
StaffingDo you feel you have the right people in your business, for its full potential?I struggle to attract people with the right attitude, skill or knowledge.Getting the right people is a constant challenge for me and I don't know what attributes to look out for.I worry about succession and retention planning more than I probably should.I have an amazing team constantly pushing to develop their skills and enhance the business.Professional
Cash FlowHow do you feel about your monthly cash flow statement and regular forecasting?I regualarly lose sleep and worry about where the cash is going to come from.I worry about cash but just manage to get by monthly.I have cash flexibility but I don’t know exactly how much cash I need to save for the future.I know my bank balance, regularly check in and plan my cash flow with a high level of certainty.Professional
Work/Life BalanceHow is your relationship with your business?I dread going into the office as there are a lot a things that are reliant on me.I know I can be more successful but I'm not sure how to get going on the right track.I've had success, but I know that me and my business are capable of much more.My business fulfils financial goals regularly and operations can run smoothly without me.Professional
Work/Life BalanceDoes your business have a positive impact on your family life?I hardly see my family as I am under a lot of pressure and don't have enough time with them.My family wonder when I can spend more time with them without being constantly being distracted by work.My future business could work without me but you I'm not sure how or exactly when that will be.I could take 3-6 months off without negatively impacting my business or family.Professional
Work/Life BalanceHow do you feel about your work/life balance?I can’t imagine working harder, I would burn out otherwise.I probably work too hard, but don’t see any other way.I work hard, but enjoy it. I just wish I could clone myself!I do work that I love, when I choose, on my terms.Professional
Work/Life BalanceDo you feel you have a lot of free time?Hardly any. I have so little time and sometimes feel trapped.Little. It’s the price you pay to get the life you want, right?Enough for now. I do the important things, but ideally would like more freedom.Lots. I've made sure my business works for me, not the other way around.Professional
CareerHow successful do you feel?I feel like I haven’t achieved anything in my life.I wish I was more successful. I try so hard and feel frustrated.I am somewhat successful and have achieved some great things.I’m so blessed to have so much success in my life.Universal
CareerHow would you describe your motivation for work?I work in a job that I hate.I find it hard to become motivated.Most days I am motivated.I am always motivated in a job that I love.Universal
CareerAre you feeling worried and anxious about the future?Really worried. I can’t even pay my bills.From time to time I feel worried as I don’t know what the future holds.I’m hopeful about the future but remain cautious.I’m excited about what the future has in store for me.Universal
RelationshipsHow often do you see your friends?A rarely ever see my friends.Not as often as I would like.Occasionally, but often go far too long in between.Quite often which I’m really happy about.Universal
RelationshipsHow do you feel about your personal relationships?I’m very closed off, and limit having any personal relationships.I wish my personal relationships played more of a role in my daily life.My personal relationships are important to me and I value them highly.I am fulfilled with amazing personal relationships whom I’m open and honest with.Universal
Health and FitnessHow well do you think you sleep?I get very limited amounts of sleep, around 3-4 hours only.My average sleep is 5-7 hours a night.Most days I get 8 hours, but not always.Really well. I get a solid 8-9 or more every night.Universal
Health and FitnessWhat best describes your attitude toward exercise during the workday?Don’t like it and struggle to tell myself otherwise.It’s a bit of a chore.Most days I’m happy to exercise.I always look forward to exercising and see it as a fun part of my day.Universal
Health and FitnessHow do you describe your health and wellness?I feel incredible unhealthy and seems like nothing I can do helps.I feel sluggish most days.I’m mostly quite good, well and healthy.I am always full of energy, and love myself and my unique body.Universal
Work-Life BalanceWhen you wake up in the morning are you excited to go to the office?I dread going into the office.It doesn’t excite me but I know it’s important.I don’t mind it. It's fun seeing my colleagues.I can’t wait to get to work and get going on things I enjoy.Universal
Work-Life BalanceDo you feel you have enough free time, everyday?I never have free time.I wish I had more free time.I have free time but tend to catch up on other work.I have as much free time as I wish, when I wish.Universal
Stress ManagementDo you get anxious and overwhelmed easily?I always feel overwhelmed pretty much all the time.I feel anxious quite regularly.I’m anxious only occasionally.I’m one of those lucky stress-free people.Universal
Stress ManagementDo you find it easy to switch off and relax?I think I never switch off, and therefore never fully relaxed.It’s quite difficult to switch off and takes me a long time.I switch off occasionally and spend time with family and friends.I can easily switch off and find time for myself to relax properly.Universal
Stress ManagementHow do you feel you handle overwhelming tasks?Run and hide!I put it to the bottom of my to-do pile.I break it down and prioritise the tasks around my current workloadI like to get it done first and tackle it like a boss.Universal
Time ManagementDo you complete what you set out to complete most days?Never. I’m always playing catch up and struggle to get even a little way through my to-do list.I try but often other things get in the way.I do most days.I’m a bit of a machine and I complete majority of my goals each day with ease.Universal
Time ManagementHow well do you feel you approach new tasks?I hesitate and need to find out all the information possible and usually procrastinate before starting.I feel flustered at the thought of another task as my to-do list is so long.I get straight into the task and do it as quickly as possible however, I make mistakes so it takes a lot longer to complete.I understand the task and add it to my to-do list factoring in my other workload and times.Universal
Organisation and feeling in controlHow do you feel about goal-setting?I don’t ever set goals.I don’t know how to set SMART goals and see it as an extra task.I know my goals and know they are important.I like to set myself realistic goals that I can achieve.Universal
Organisation and feeling in controlDo you take time out of your day to realign and re-focus?I’m way too busy to do this.I struggle to take time out.I re-focus at the end of each day if i can.I often take quality time out of my day to make sure I’m staying on track.Universal
Self-awareness and self-acceptanceHow comfortable do you feel in your own skin?I hate looking at myself in the mirror.I have parts of my body that I’d like to change/get rid of.I feel comfortable in my own skin.I love to look at myself naked - I’m pretty awesome!Universal
Self-awareness and self-acceptanceDo you feel courageous when changes needs to happen?I don’t believe in my ability to take actionI worry about the outcome of my action and therefore don’t take action easily.I believe in my abilities but always like to check my actions with a colleague prior to action.I happily take action and believe in my abilities and understand my values.Universal
Self-awareness and self-acceptanceDo you feel valued at work on a daily basis?I feel like everyday I’m undervalued and unappreciated for what I do.I feel that most of the time I’m undervalued.I feel valued on occasions.I know what I do each day matters and is making a real difference.Universal
Personal fulfilment and MotivationAre you happy with your current status in life?Honestly, no. And I’m not really sure how I ended up here.I consider myself happy however, I’m not sure if I am doing what is right for me.I am happy and fulfilled which keeps me motivated and fulfilled.Super happy! Genuinely I am super grateful for everything in my life.Universal
Personal fulfilment and MotivationDo you know how to keep yourself on track to achieve your goals?I’m not sure If I have any goals to keep track of!I don’t really know how to keep track of my goals.My goals keep me motivated and I track them from time to time but not always.Yes I am confident I know where I am heading and where I need to be.Universal
Personal fulfilment and MotivationHow do you explore your values?I’ve never explored my values and what they mean to me.I know my values but they don’t govern my day to day decisions.My values play an important role in my professional and personal relationships.I live and stay true to my values everyday, which helps motivate me forward.Universal
Confidence and self-esteemHow often do you feel things are going ‘your way’?Never! It seems like the world is against me.Not very often. It’s hard to see my successes.Sometimes things go my way but not as much as I would like.I am grateful for all the amazing things in my life going the way I planned.Universal
Confidence and self-esteemHow do you think you handle risky tasks?I steer clear of anything risky in my life.I don’t enjoy risky tasks but if I will do them if push comes to shove.I enjoy a risk/challenge and try to learn from the outcomes.I am always happy to take a risk when I feel it’s important for me to do so.Universal