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Great news! Many of you have requested additional quizzes, and we listened. Now you can purchase a second quiz – and even a third or fourth!

These quizzes are exclusively for YOU – coaches in our inaugural group who already have their first quiz live. With these additional quizzes, you can have multiple niches or offer your quiz in another language.

We’ve made these quizzes as accessible as possible. It’s just $250 USD per quiz setup, with NO additional monthly fee if you are already a Pro-Coach member. You can also take advantage of the payment plan and pay 2 installments of $125.

You may be wandering why is this price so low?

This is because our mission is to add as much value as we can to you and get more of the world coached – to truly make your membership as valuable as possible.

You can purchase your additional quiz now!

Option 1: $250

Option 2: $125 x 2 installments

Please note that additional quizzes must be for you and the business(es) that you own. They cannot be for a third party. We rely on the monthly payments to keep delivering you massive value. Because each quiz is manually created and set up just for you, additional quizzes are not refundable.

Please support us in delivering more value to the world and think about other coaches who you think could benefit from Assess.Coach. You can also earn a referral commission as a thank you, or you can pass this on to charity.
More information to follow.