How to use the Quiz Framework

Step by Step Instructions on how to use the Quiz Framework

The purpose of the quiz framework is to help you create your quiz structure by reflecting on your unique offering/service. It is designed to guide you through 6 proven steps to create a strong quiz structure. This can take up to 30 minutes to complete.

When you log in you will see 6 steps at the top of the page. On the right hand side you’ll see an audio guide explaining each step in more detail, along with useful tips and examples.

Step 1 - Pre Work
  • This step is optional and will help you think about the aim and purpose of your quiz, as well as who you are creating the quiz for, in terms of your ideal client target market and what outcomes you’d like from this quiz.
Step 2 - Quiz Style
  • There are two styles to choose (Simple Assessment or Diagnostic Assessment), which will help determine the structure of your quiz.
Step 3 - Title, Topics & Questions
  • Writing a compelling title helps drive the purpose of your quiz. Knowing what your ideal target market would like to quiz themselves on helps write this.
    Once you have your title you can then decide on how many topics you want to include. Topics are usually based on your areas of coaching expertise. Subsequently, the recommended number of questions per topic is displayed.

    If you wish, you will be able to amend your content once we design it for you.

Step 4 - Feedback & Call to Action (CTA) Layout
  • After you have completed step 3, you will now need to choose how you would like to show feedback to your leads and what layout you’d like for your call to action.
Step 5 - Technical Requirements
  • This step will help us sync your quiz with all your email marketing platforms. Here we ask for some information about your mailing lists, branding guidelines and so on.
Step 6 - Review & Submit
  • This is the final step, where you need to review and submit your quiz framework. Once you submit your framework, we design the first draft of your quiz, send you your quiz link, and give you access to the Quiz Portal.


  • In the Quiz Portal you will then be able to:
    1. Start editing your content into the framework, with guides and lots of examples to help. 
    2. Start promoting your quiz with your unique quiz url and social media links.
    3. Have access to tutorials where we show you some of the easiest ways to start promoting your quiz, including embedding your quiz on your website and sharing via email and social media.
    4. Review all entries and lead details.