7 Easy Wins to Promote Your Quiz

Simple ideas to promote your quiz:

1. Add a button to your website.
Take you quiz link from your Quiz Portal dashboard and create a new button on your website with a descriptive heading.

2. Add to your email signature.
Add your quiz link along with the title of your quiz at the bottom of your email signature.

3. Send to current/past clients &/or leads.
This is a really powerful win, not only sharing with current clients, but also with people you have spoken to in the past that may or may not have worked with you.

4. Add to your business card.
If you do a lot of networking, a good idea is to add the quiz title and link on your business cards. It’s also a great talking point.

5. Ask leads to fill your quiz in BEFORE you meet with them.
If you currently have some active leads or pending referrals, ask them to fill in your quiz prior to your meeting together and experience the powerful shift in conversation.

6. Add to social media.
Add your quiz headline, link and short description to a Facebook post, inside your Facebook group, onto your LinkedIn profile and more.

7. Add to coach directory profiles.
Do you have your profile on a coaching directory? Make sure you add your quiz headline and link onto them as well.